BLACK IRISH is an avant garde movement company with influences in contemporary and hip hop movement. The work created pushes social boundaries, while conceptually focusing on the multiple meaning of words, with the work being dubbed lexi-ography.

BLACK IRISH has a vision to start and continue dialogues on issues in society and makes work based on language we inherently use and language we avoid that affect every individual. By introducing the meanings of a specific term, which then gets consumed and diluted with athletic and compelling movement we create an atmosphere of inclusivity or a safe space to learn from and be exposed to new thoughts. This environment cultivates organic, spontaneous and innovative ideology and movement that is pure in form and emotes through intention while connecting to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. How we communicate that vision gives this movement strength and makes the uncomfortable, unfamiliar and taboo relatable, approachable and accessible on a personal and human level.

Why do you move? Is there intent? Where does movement start? How does it begin? Do you self initiate or are you influenced and moved by exterior forces?

These questions become the structure and meaning of our motion, will develop the makeup of relationships between the people you interact with and will design the quality of dynamics in the movement we create. ask-answer. call-respond. agree-rebel. copy-erase. edit. Move with intent. Begin. Welcome to the multidisciplinary movement era where form is celebrated because of its unique origin : how you, me and we experience the world.

BLACK IRISH has been theorized to have been the descent of both Spanish and Irish Ancestry. While that is the origin for the company, BLACK IRISH is one that strives in supporting all people in their efforts to dance. Seeing both Black and Irish, two strong words utilized in describing the most notable example in American History for Hatred reflects that universal acceptance of coming together through the love of dance, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. You’re differences are not weaknesses, but strengths. Exploit your differences.


Sarah Putterman – Associate Director
Natalie Morton – Principal Dancer
Amanda Duryea – Principal Dancer
Ronald West – Creative Director / Choreographer / Principal Dancer