BLACK IRISH premiere – January 8th + 9th + 10th, 2016 @ 7:00pm | 7:00pm | 3:00pm
Sponsored by the Town of Cary
Cary Arts Center – 101 Dry Ave. Cary, NC



Throwing ‘SHADE’ has become one of the most universally used slang phrases this season and in honor of that, BLACK IRISH intends to throw some massive SHADE!

BLACK IRISH will focus on several social scenarios that all people deal with on a regular basis, that SHADE could perhaps be thrown at figuratively and literally. The premiere will explore friendships, strangers, lovers, exes and those that we can’t see or touch, while the dancers and audience are immersed in a world of color, vibration, smell, sound and feeling. If one could smell color, hear color, feel color and see vibrations in color beyond just seeing the obvious, it’s SHADE, what would that experience be like? This neurological phenomenon is known as Synesthesia. We realize most people are not normally cognitively equipped with Synesthesia attributes, but by watching the BLACK IRISH debut each audience member will become a temporary Synesthete for the evening!

The music has been selected based on its’ ability to emote a specific weight, relationship or atmosphere and has been organized into 3 movements. The first movement is designed to emote SHADE on a gradation from dark to light and focuses on how the energy transitions in weight. The second movement is designed to emote SHADE of the color spectrum and its proximity to human relationships. While, the third movement is designed to emote SHADE specifically towards the synethesia effect, while focusing on how people of all different backgrounds or SHADES experience the show with all their senses, while hearing how a select few respond instantaneously to the atmospheric and visual environment that they are submerged within. Music for the third movement is composed and performed live by William Howard, Justin Mackey and David Lezcano of Citizen Shade.