BLACK IRISH premiere – June 3rd + 4th, 2016 @ 7:00pm – (BI concept premiered April 18th – 19th, 2015)
Sponsored by the Town of Cary
Cary Downtown Theater – 122 E Chatham St. Cary, NC


If I project, I may be producing light, shadow or an image to be cast on a surface that can be seen by others. I may be envisioning a plan for the future or I may be adjusting the volume of my voice to be heard from a great distance with strength and clarity from my core. Each of these meanings comes into play in the conceptual, technological and evolutionary premise of the BLACK IRISH premiere, PRO-JECT.

PRO-JECT is a show composed of half live and half projected dancers that overlay the 2 worlds against each other and orchestrate a physical performance between dream and reality on one single stage. PRO-JECT is the first site-specific work of BLACK IRISH that was designed to use ‘the Cary’, a refurbished movie theater, in its traditional form, hence the use of projection. In the lengthy time spent in ‘the Cary’, BLACK IRISH has developed 4 methods of projecting dancers, each utilized to specifically project a unique scope of vision for the audience to take in and reflect.

Partnering with videographers, Michelle Lotker and Clark Ivers, BLACK IRISH has innovated their most technical show to date, that focuses on, not only, the physicality of dancing, but on the specificity of film dealing with scale, color, light and shadow. All of these details are integral to the success of the show and concept of fusing an adaptive live cast and a projected cast unable to evolve. The performed scenarios in each of the 4 PRO-JECT movements truly serve to make you question, ‘Who is in control?’. Is it those that are physical beings and responsible for creating their technological counterparts – or – the flat renderings that relentlessly control the momentum, adrenaline and aesthetic of the performance?

We think it’s a great dialogue to consider when comparing the duality of our technology infected world.

In addition, BLACK IRISH is collaborating with cellist & composer, Justin Mackey, whom will be opening and closing the show with live accompaniment.


Grab your tickets today and get ready to expand your visual norms!