līv ˈtiSHo͞o | live tissue | evening length
BLACK IRISH premiere – June 30th @ 3:00pm + 6:00pm
Cary Arts Center – 101 Dry Ave. Cary, NC 27511


līv  ˈtiSHo͞o  iz  əˈbout  ˌ  infərˈmāSH(ə)n  (ə)n  (h)wät  wē  hav  ˈakˌses  to͞o.

Translation : Live Tissue is about information and what we have access to.

What informs the minds and bodies of she, he, they, him, her and them? What if a məˈstāk is on purpose and destined to play out exactly how it plays? What if    yo͞oˈnēk moments are actually that person gaining access to more information than the rest of us can comprehend? Are the rest of us ˈlimədəd, while they have no bounds? līv ˈtiSHo͞o makes up 100% of each of us; have you gained access to all that it can provide? Is this the end? Is this the last question? No. Is clarity the goal? Let’s blur the lines a bit. Sē môr. Hir môr.

Are you puzzled? Don’t be. It all connects.

ˌikˈspirēəns līv ˈtiSHo͞o in T͟Hē fleSH. do͞o it.


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