GOWN | evening length
BLACK IRISH premiere – January 20th @ 7:00pm | January 21st @ 2:00pm + 7:00pm
Cary Arts Center | 101 Dry Ave. Cary, NC 27511



Who are you? Do the clothes make the man? Why did you choose that garment, that costume or for the sake of this show, that gown? Did you choose it because it made you feel and look amazing or was it forced on you by the removal of all other options?

In my experience the term ‘GOWN’ is used in 2 instances. One promotes your image as a dignified member of society that ranks high with prestigious brands and institutions and lends itself to glamour, fashion, wealth and fame. This gown will be raved about in media as reporters tackle each other to discover the designer. The other demotes your image to an undignified member of society that is deemed unfit to be around normal citizens. This gown strips you of your personal identity and replaces it with a blank and ill ridden status that lends itself to show that individual as being lost, a burden and eligible for a drug induced opportunity to live numb and hidden away by private institutions.

GOWN has the pursuit to see a dissection of those 2 worlds crossing paths so that each member of our society can review how they subconsciously analyze others by what they wear, regardless of that gown being chosen or forced. We hope to spark a conversation on taboo issues like the broad spectrum of mental illness, while making its implications accessible to anyone of any age or background and look at where mental illness initiates whether it’s inherent from family traits or if it derives over time from wear and tear of the individual human experience.

Luckily, we are hopeful! By looking through a different lens we will showcase opportunity for each life, even if it’s unique to the world. Your differences are not weaknesses, but strengths. Exploit your differences. xoxo