BLACK IRISH : Contemporary Hip Hop Dance

Dance Education

Black Irish has a mission to expose and teach contemporary dance in an ever evolving world of dance and promote contemporary movement as it continues to inspire the public. Dance Education is offered as single class workshops or as a continuous residency focusing on contemporary movement, artistic integrity and to set movement for future performances. To reach a maximum amount of students and expose contemporary movement these sessions are intended to happen in school settings for all levels of experience including programs ranging from elementary school to universities. If the primary intention of the workshop is to set choreography on dancers, an extended amount of time will be needed and the focus of the session(s) will be directed towards the final outcome of performing.

Why dance?
-to build community through shared experience.
-to increase range of motion and physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness.
-to deepen our understanding of human interest issues: including politics, history, fractions, plate tectonics, prophecy, and more!

How long is a workshop?
A workshop is usually one to two hours of time, but can be set for any amount of time desired.
Residencies, a series of workshops, usually occur over time for a week, month or year.

How much does a workshop or residency (a longer more in depth artistic experience) cost?
It all depends on how many artists will be engaged in the project and what the desired outcomes entail. All budgets and inquiries welcome! No dance experience is too small to be celebrated.

Teaching History -

William Peace University

NCSU Dance Team

Saint Mary’s School for Girls

Cardinal Gibbons High School

Cardinal Gibbons Dance Team

Broughton High School

Enloe Magnet High School

Garner Magnet High School

Millbrook High School

Wakefield High School

Cary Academy

Durham Academy

Carolina Friends School

Thales Academy

Ligon GT Magnet Middle school

Franklin Academy

Hunter Elementary School

Ephesus Elementary School

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